Sunday, January 10, 2010


I have a friend who will be getting married in the next year, so while discussing her airplane themed invitations today (her future husband is a pilot), I decided to search for cool items with airplanes on them. I hope you like the fun finds.

Airplane Wall Decal by StephenEdwardGraphic

Love is in the Air Cards by PrettyPixels

Transportation Set (Airplane) by Imaginationkids

Aeroplane Necklace by itsastitch

Bottlecap Magnets by Dombot

Jefferson Airplane Album Coasters by inoudidsattic

Wooden Pencil Box by teaforbini

Airplane Ticket Invitation by beyonddesign


Antonia Krajicek said...

Of course I love all of these!! Glad you have other aviation friends out there so you can share fun finds like these. My fave is the Ticket Invitation. I may have to keep that in mind for the future... ;)

Stephen said...

Thanks for including my Airplane Wall Decal in your blog!

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