Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chalk It Up!

Well, I am totally into chalk stuff lately. Not only does it bring back memories of grade school, but it also is fun and eco-friendly. Can't think of more than one way to use a chalkboard? See how some of these Etsy shops tranformed chalkboards into practical items.

Drink Tags by LilBDesigns

Chalkboard Mini Post Earrings by wildflowerdesigns

Texas Vinyl Wall Decal by route3studios

Chalkboard Labels by believeinfairytales

Blackboard Magnetic Coasters by purposedesign


Dennis and Brandy said...

great post. Ive always enjoyed the novelty and earth-friendly idea of chalking up a area and saving paper. Eventually we plan on building a chalkboard wall for our girls to cut down on paper drawings.

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